10” Ring Light with table stand and phone camera Tripod


  • 10” Ring Light 1pcs
  • Table Stand
  • Color temperature: 2700K-5500K
  • photography / Live
  • Dimmable: YES
  • Number of beads: 120
  • Light source power: 24W


10 inch LED Table Ring Light Price in Bangladesh
This mini ring light comes with a table tripod. You can easily keep it on your table and go to YouTube for Facebook Live or make face cam videos.
You have a small YouTube Channel or If you are interested to take a better selfie then this LED ring light is the perfect and affordable solution for your needs. You can easily adjust the brightness and temperature of the light according to your skin tone. You can also adjust the height of the stand as needed.

With this LED ring light, you can easily fill your face with light and take beautiful photos or videos. The table tripod makes it easy to keep the light on your table and go live on social media. You deserve to look your best in every photo and video. With this LED ring light, you can finally achieve the perfect lighting for your selfies. Plus, it’s affordable so you can buy one for yourself and all of your friends.

Specifications of mini LED Ring Light:

  • Color Temperature: 2700K-5500K
  • Use : photography / Live
  • Led Light Size: 10 inches or 26 am
  • Package Weight: 1.2 kg
  • Led Weight Light: 400g
  • Dimmable: YES
  • Tripod: 110cm
  • Led ring light Size: 26CM
  • Number of LEDs: 120
  • Voltage: 5V
  • The main field of application: Direct lamp fill beauty light
  • Source type light: LED


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